Open from 12:00 h – 23:00 h

Quality food

We choose only fresh and the best ingridients, without compromising in quality.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery to your destination.

Original recipe

See why our pizza is special and unique.

The most requested offer


CAPRICCIOSA (tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, olive, oregano)

45 Kn / 60 Kn

RUSTICA (tomato sauce, 4 assorted cheeses, mushrooms, bacon, parmesan, olive, oregano)

50 Kn / 70 Kn

SLAVONIAN (tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon, sausage, salami, onions, sweet peppers, salad , olive, oregano)

50 Kn / 65 Kn

BIRIKIN (tomato sauce, cheese, ham, parma ham, fried mushrooms, olive, oregano)

50 Kn / 65 Kn
More than pizza

All the food you love

That's right, we're people who love pizza. Not only that, we do our best, we believe that our giving returns in the form of pleasure. Join us, enjoy the Birikin pizza!


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Pasta and risoto

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Jela od mesa i ribe
Meat and fish

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Welcome to Birikin

Not only we are making pizza, we also improve people's mood. Birikin Pizzeria was created in the belief that pizza must be special, and we apply that belief in everything.

What is our role in Birikin? Moments of pleasure. Everything is made with the original recipe, innovation and most importantly, with the love that our staff has.

With over 15 years of experience, we understand how to satisfy our customers as well as our service principles. In addition to tracking the trends , we are setting some ourselves. We create food that we are proud to serve and deliver quickly with a smile on our face. No matter where, we will make sure our customers' enjoyment is unforgettable and unique.

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Luka Davidović
Sa predanošću prati na detalje i kvalitetu usluge, kao i ono najbitnije na zadovoljstvo mušterija!
Luka Davidović